Khar Nuur

The pilgrims awoke with sand in all directions. They had had to make an impromptu camp in the desert, instead of their planned stop at the river 30 kms ahead. In a particularly deep and soft section, Mr filipz had hesistated and carried to little entry speed. He had lost control in the deep tire […]

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Mongolia, land of Enduro

Mongolia, Mongolia oh sweet Mongolia. The pilgrims find it hard to communicate and relate to what they are experiencing. Neither of them have experienced anything similar before in Europe or during their path of pilgrimage. At brief moments, when they are able to scan of the trail quicker than their front wheels traverse it, they […]

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Мама Россия, Altai

Our expectations of this country were quickly shattered. While we did encounter some drunken hillbillies rallying around in a lost little Altai mountain village, everyone including the boarder guards here are very friendly and good humored. Entering the country was done in a record quick 50 minutes! The old days of soviet bureaucracy are apparently […]

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Kazakhstan Adventures

Fear, separation, lost in the remote steppes, sweat, breakdown, stuck a day in the desert, friendship, never ending dirt tracks, helpful Kazakhs, punctures, adventure, sweat, stress, boredom on highways, bribe hungry police, 3 week long (and continuing…) stomach illness, starvation, dust, extreme heat, crashes, pain & exhaustion, piston rings, starter freewheel, never ending steppes, camels, […]

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