Leaving “the City”, the Pilgrims soon found themselves taking a turn off the main road onto a bumpy gravel road, leaving the poorer ger district outskirts of Ulanbatar behind. This was were Walter’s tracks begun. The gravel soon changed into dirt, and the Pilgrims were soon heading North through a beautifully green valley. Only occasional […]

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Drowning bikes, Buddhas and UB

Coming to the end of the twisty hard packed track, the Pilgrims were just 10 km outside of Khakorin. They had arrived to a rather juicy river crossing, and decided they would give it a go. It is hard to overstate how happy Toast was this awesome sunny morning. Ever since the beginning of Kazaksthan […]

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Horseback into Eight Lakes Region

The Pilgrims had slept on the question of switching out their steeds (that needed a break anyways from being constantly ridden to the verge of destruction) for a couple of meaty Mongolian ones. They found a promising horseback excursion into the mountainy eight lakes region in Orkhon Valley, they had wanted to visit anyways. Best […]

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Fire Mountain & Yellow Dog Cave

The next day the trails smoothened out and the Pilgrims  travelled full speed towards White Lake. The track soon transformed into asphalt and the ride was for once focused on the transforming landscape. The road lingered around large hills, sometimes even tree clad. Finding the White lake not so white, the Pilgrims continued straight to […]

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Rough Rhyders or Repairers?

Only twenty kilometers after leaving Otgon, Gina had showed mild overheating signs. This was strange, considering the relatively cool weather. A quick oil check, revealed that her blood was still dark in color and not the dreaded chocolate milk (oil + water). A distressing bubble layer on the top of the oil peek glass still […]

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(Less?) Nomadic Ger Life

After a day on tiny 4×4 track, the Pilgrims decided they would attempt to deep dive into the local culture by sleeping in one of the many gers (yurts) the countryside was sprinkled with. They made their way through a sheep/goat herd that besieged the camp, and pulled up next to three gers whose residents […]

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The Gates of Hell & Nadem

The morning’s track led straight up the mountainside, across dried out riverbeds and goat tracks, towards the much anticipated gates of hell, or Senjit Had. The view at the top was sublime, and in combination with the unusual rock formations and natural stone port, made it to an epic checkpoint. Toast immediately started climbing a rock […]

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